A Brief HAHA On How To Shut The f*ck Up When You’re Angry!

photo by Nsey Benajah – From Unsplash

Alright Saint anger, we’ve All been there before, sometimes we’ve managed to keep it inside while imagining yourself spearing words of hate right in the middle of somebody’s Face, or your good crazy neighbor, or honest fake traders, and corrupt lawyers, actually there’s an endless stream of people who deserves bad words, some deserve more eventually, anyway, don’t panic when you’re Angry and realize that you’re In a real shitty mood, where you shouldn’t Take action, make a decision, or even say a damn word, just shut the fuck up, and calm the FUCK DOWN, there ain’t no other way, pills and other things feeds this monster in the back door of your self to bring you down later,

Inhale and exhale ten times slowly, deep breathing helps, 10,000$ bath with heavenly grapes grown for kings in the past, and a 10,000$ chocolate bar adapted to your taste to maximize the taste pleasure, I’m kidding just breathe and you will be fine.

How many times you got angry, did you regret it all ? I did, it’s Like being drunk and doing or saying anything is like speed driving on the opposite line of the highway,

You can train yourself time after time and just like anything you can master this vital technic that you can manage to practice every day and all the time since every where you can find things that pisses you off.

Anger management is key to succeed socially and professionally, in the end no matter how brilliant you are, and no matter how close to someone, if you’re spontaneously angry all the time, people feels more comfortable in your absence, no matter how useful or how important, fruitful and essential your individuality is, people will prefer to avoid you as a minimum precaution.

There is a very common saying in the middle east “count to ten” it’s a saying, a tool, and a strategy not to rush in a debate while you’re angry or emotionally agitated, count to ten, take a deep breath, you only need to calm down to make a better decision.

Try it and will be thankful to hear back your experience,

PS: if you didn’t calm down in 10, count to 20.

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