Cactus Killer

Jamal Ballouk
Mar 25, 2023


Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

I killed a cactus today, such a weird and unlucky plant

who must have had dreams of a desert,

a heavenly dry place at some point in its miserable, wet life.

A cactus that migrated to a farm in the North

where people used to water the plants every day,

but too much water will kill you

if you were a cactus, my friend.

Its spines and needles warned them all,

but still, they poured the water tall,

until one day, it wilted away,

and I found it in the gray morning.

I killed a cactus today,

but it’s not the first to go this way.

We often forget their unique needs

and treat them just like common weeds.

So let this be a lesson learned,

for every plant has its own turn,

to thrive and grow in its way,

So let’s not kill a cactus today.



Jamal Ballouk

Because somebody had to write about the tragedy of existence with a sense of humor.