Don’t Let Them Win (the best motivation letter ever)

Photo by Olya Kobruseva — Pexels

If you’re one of those who face the mirror and repeat self-love and acceptance phrases, then you go to work and listen to a podcast that repeats the same phrases by another voice, don’t talk to me,

Ok for the other folks,

Don’t talk to me either;

If you have ever been down, lost, broken, homeless, hated? it all happened for a reason And it’s surly not because you’re great or not, and no, loving your self added with optimism won’t help you avoid any troubles, because after all, just like living and death, shit happens to everyone, that’s not an introduction but adhering to this fact is the first and the most important part of the solution,

The second part is to improve, and to keep trying, failing every time is not a bad luck or another failure, it’s a hidden treasure,

  • You beat the failure when you try again not when you succeed.
  • Don’t let the failure win.
  • Another try may not give better results but it’s winning over failure.
  • And always remember that you deserve another try.



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Jamal Ballouk

Jamal Ballouk

Because somebody had to write about the tragedy of existence with a sense of humor. Follow on twitter @Jamalballouk