Dystopia of Information

Our World Can Only Be Understood Through a Dystopian Point of View

Jamal Ballouk
3 min readOct 10, 2022
Dystopia Of Information By — Jamal Ballouk

Is it Orwellian or Huxleyan? it’s Dystopian anyway!

This Should Be the Question of the Century, we are all sure that it’s a dystopian new world but researchers and brilliant thinkers around the globe would like to debate over this, and despite the takes of both sides, for me it’s obviously a bit of both and it was mashed together for a more complex mind programming, to add another layer on our already existing matrix.

for newbies let me just introduce the two concepts, Orwell thought that the greatest fear of the future is having an authority that would deprive us of information, Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism, at first it was Orwellian for sure before the internet is born, and we all know where the latter started and how, as an academic military research held by ARPA and led by Bob Taylor , so the whole thing started at a military base somehow and as a military project since 1968 but it stayed there in the shadows up until January the 1st 1983 , does it smells dystopian yet ?

The World was marching forward and fast since the two world war in terms of technologies and social science theories some had the chance to be known and lots of stuff were kept in secret as a part of the national defense strategy or a military secret project, now you can let your imagination break loose a bit, you can brainstorm some opinions about Area 51 and other secret military program held by many countries ( USA — USSR/Russia — Romania — India — Pakistan — Sweden and Saudia Arabia — Iran … Etc) during the second half of the 20th century and some of it is still in progress up until today with no obvious indications that these global madness will stop, on the contrary many other countries has joined the club happily ever after.

How Can you Control A Crowd ?

that’s the question asked in dark hallways, and some mad scientist tried to answer in response to some sick people in dark governments with few commitments, towards their curiosity and funds, you can set your imagination for free to try to figure out how some of these experiments violated all the human ethics that we have had so far, i’m not concerned here about the stereotype of the mad scientist nor the ethical mistakes or lapses of judgement made by people convinced they’re doing the right thing it’s about other times when they were pure evil,

you can surf the internet to dig more deep in such experiments but what i wanted to say is that today’s world is a heaven to everyone who wants to make social experiments and especially those who’s taking control of information, the power of information, and why so, because almost everyone is on social media, we are having our behaviors recorded, tested and analyzed to adapt our news feeds and provide content that match with what we want to see, in different words we can easily say that we are in a big mind programming machine, and no it’s not a sword with two blades, people needs a sword with only one blade, no one likes to cut himself, no one wants to sacrifice his privacy for safety so how about trading your privacy to get adapted news feeds, music, content in general, and as we have no word in all of the above we still think that we are free, this words doesn’t seem to have a sharp common meaning, this differences will rise to the surface someday in the future up until now let’s feel stupidly happy inside our moderated fake free lives with no right to privacy anymore.

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Jamal Ballouk

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