How placebo drugs is turning the medical treatment into pseudoscience

Jamal Ballouk
2 min readApr 18, 2022


and what that means in covid-19 world

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In a 2008 survey study held by John Tulbert professor of medicine and biomedical ethics, with 679 internists and rheumatologists, shows that more than half of US doctors offer fake prescriptions to make patients feel better, and showed that 80% of doctors are willing to offer placebo drugs to enhance patient’s expectations, at the other hand the number of patients who has positive outcomes from placebo drugs is surprising.

Placebo effect is defined as a treatment whose benefits derive from positive patient expectations and not from the physiological mechanism of the treatment itself, which is sometimes just a sugar pill who made registered impossible treatments across the world, and by looking at the official policy of the American Medical Association, Physicians may use placebos for diagnosis or treatment only if the patient is informed of and agrees to its use, but isn’t a systematically contradiction approach?!

How can a fake drug work if a patient knows it is fake? Well let’s Say that doctors rephrase this information in a different way, sometimes they say that this “medicine not typically used for your condition but it might benefit you.”

Now does that considered a truth telling? Or goin through the backdoor of the official policies’ laws .

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this reality makes nearly half of the medical science a waste of time in terms of study and preparation and a waste of energy and a real bad impact to a patient like me who knows about the sugar pills and since the doctor is obliged to tell me about his placebo medication, this will prevent me from using my stupid part of my brain in order to generate positive feelings,

what were they thinking about when they decided to give a fake drug to a certain symptom, and by telling the patients that their disease has only a fake drug, what kind of positive power is able to help those poor people ?

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