I helplessly surrender to the strongest creatures in the world

Jamal Ballouk
2 min readFeb 12, 2023

A prayer to flies and mosquitos the real tyrants of the planet

photo by — boris smokovic

And when it comes to mosquitoes and flies, i don’t just Surrender in a normal way, any related act i might do, must at least reach near to the level of my desperate surrender, i would have begged for my life, and my peaceful quite time, with such pathetic situation, two rivers pumping out of my eyes all along with sticky fluid dropping out my nose and my mouth, while my eyes keeps popping out each fucking second out of grief and a feeling of a growing balloon inside of you and it keeps crushing your inner organs to the walls of your chest, it’s A little harder to breath, isn’t That annoying, they just don’t Go away;

Once i tried to run out of my house, leaving my property willingly because of a fly, I could sign her a contract with all my properties in it just to leave me alone, but she ran out with me, she was mocking me perhaps, flying around my head in circles it made me look like Saturn. rings of flies, “what the hell do you want” I screamed while getting back home helplessly again,

and that’s when I realized the true power of these creatures, they rule the world, they don’t care about our possessions, or our comforts, they are the true tyrants, and we, mere mortals, are at their mercy.

They can spread diseases, they can ruin our food, they can disrupt our peace and tranquility, they can make us miserable, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We have tried to fight them, with sprays and nets and screens, but they always find a way to overcome our defenses.

In conclusion, I helplessly surrender to the might of flies and mosquitos, the real rulers of our planet. They are the true overlords, and we can only pray for their mercy and grace. May they spare us from their torment, and let us live our lives in peace and quiet, away from their buzzing and biting. Amen.



Jamal Ballouk

Because somebody had to write about the tragedy of existence with a sense of humor.