List of How to get 100 followers without begging

When i visited medium for the first time to read an article about climate change, it was professional in unprecedented level especially when it’s Not in harmony with climate change mainstream media feeds, i knew that it could be a rich source of information that may nourish my small personal studies and curiosity, despite the fact that even in formal publication you see lots of nonsense written here and there so how about an open free place like medium, it must be full of it, and it seems like everybody is doing it so why can’t we?

so i wrote two pieces in 2009 and stopped to start again on April 2021 and so far during 9 months i could reach the 100 followers with 15 pieces of writing with a maximum 3 minutes reads, and by the time I’m writing this I had 12 more followers and that’s good for me so far,

So by looking at medium statistics here is a list of how can you be seen to more people and get follows and claps as well,

  • Don’t follow for a follow
  • Follow the author that you would like to read his new articles once published
  • Follow a topic that you like
  • Chose something specific or you can write about anything but make sure to address your article within the suitable tags.
  • Write attractive headlines with good content.
  • Don’t follow people who doesn’t have any article
  • Engage with articles that are similar to yours, something related to your profession/hobies or just to greet the author of a good article
  • Reply to comments that you receive from your readers
  • Submit articles in a patterned manner, it depends on how many reading minutes, for me since it ranges between 1 and 3 minutes I better update every 3 days, you can add up till one week maximum.
  • Write more which leads to better quality articles, re-write whenever needed.

And just in case you didn’t like Medium you can switch to other different platforms, but whatever you decide keep on writing.



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