The Stupid thing that the Ukrainians did

Photo by Kris Moklebust from Pexels

Did anyone of you ever wondered why some people have the need to defend themselves? It’s simple because somebody else have proactively decided that he should defend himself in advance, and when it comes to self-defense, I don’t know what else is left to say;

What could I say when even Ukraine’s future allies and their NATO friends kept silent?! Despite few humble military supplies,

Well, I’m not here to blame Ukrainians for electing a president that doesn’t even speak their language, yet I believe that it’s a really weird fact,

But handing over your nuclear weapons without any guarantee to join a worldwide ally, whether its Russian ally or NATO forces is a brave stupid thing to do, especially that both of these political poles seemingly have their ambitions, and unfortunately, Ukraine is located on an invisible line between western and Eastern Europe, and Eastern Europe can only be seen by the Western world as a new democratic place where former red soviet communist veterans lives,

In such an environment where the big forces of the world have a war mindset you have to think twice before you hand over the only thing that prevents these forces from jumping over your will and safety,

Finally, peace is possible when everyone walks to it evenly but war needs only one side to exist, unfortunately.



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